Archetype is the voice of a great collaboration created through words, concepts, ideas, thoughts, images and emotions. Making it was definitely a challenge, an inspiring one, but a challenge nevertheless. 
Archetype is a mix between the classical dictionary with alphabetical order and an inspirational design book. Archetype is about all of us telling the real story of our profession.
More than one hundred professionals collaborated with their personal visions in different design areas, making this book a complete archetype. 
Moreover, we included commissioned artworks based on our interpretation of Carls Jung’s Archetypes. And gave one of them to each artist, so they could create never-before-seen content inspired on them :
As the Animus and Anima one's.
Published by OFFF
Barcelona - Spain
Publisher: Héctor Ayuso
Executive Producer: Pep Salazar
Editor in Chief: Aimée Duchamp & Natalie Melville
Managing Editor: Nathalie Koutia
Creative Director: Natalie Melville & Aimée Duchamp 
Concept and Idea: Natalie Melville, Aimée Duchamp, Luisa Tenorio & Ana Martínez
Art Direction: Natalie Melville
Art Direction Assitant: Cristina Meléndez, Gemma Estadella & Marie Codina
Graphic Design: The Troop (Atelier's Class of 2015-2016) 
Ana Martínez, Cristina Meléndez, Fabrizio Morra, Desislava Staneva, Gemma Estadella,
José Díaz, Luisa Tenorio, Marie Codina, Sara Cifuentes, SaŠa Gazivoda, Yogi Singh 
Cover Design: Sawdust
Translations: Natalie Melville, Cristina Meléndez & Bianca Zarco
Creative Production Consultant: I am Nuria
Printed by: Impressus
Archetype Book