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Redcycle is a campaign to promote recycled reading material, and make the process of making environmentally friendly choices in book production easier.
Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3
Idea and Concept: Inspired from the food chain, there was a chain where tree was the dominant, and catterpillar “eats” tree and birds eat caterpillar and in the end bird make a nest on tree and so this cycle of food chain was complete. This is how the three posters was inspired, it was made into a “question poster” making the society think as human curiousity is higher than anything. It will make the target audience lay a few more seconds on the poster and create a impact.And so, this methaphors was used in this posters by turning into it surealism poster. By replacing the tree into book.

The first poster was created as the first chain of the cycle, question was : If one day there wasn’t anymore tree, caterpillar will eat the book’s page? As it was made from a tree.

Second poster’s meaning was : If one day there isn’t anymore tree for the caterpillar to habitat, so the bird will find caterpillar in a book? ( As book was made from trees)
Idea and Concept : The reason for using a sharperner as a visual because when a moment a person sharped something, they twist and turn. This twist and turn applies on human being as they tends to twist and turn to give excuses not to recycle. As also sharping a pencil will also create a waste as it twisted out the so called “unwanted” material, making an environment damage. Reducing the cutting down a tree to make book symbolises the sharping pencil process, a waste of material and damages environment.
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