Propaganda, & Promotionals
Student Print & Poster Designs
Propaganda Poster – Digital Illustration
What aided the concept of this poster design are: the campus where the class was taught, the room ( the Mac lab ) where the class was held, and the instructor. Russian Constructivism was the inspiration of the design, and this project was creating a poster about creating posters.
Global Warming Awareness Poster – Advanced Image Manipulation
For this project I added a dramatic effect to both the message and the design itself. The angler fish indicating depth for it's ecosystem. The same affect with the statue of liberty, However, we are all familiar with the statue being a large monument. If you do the math, it equals very high water levels.
Artist Biography & Quote – Digital Grid Systems
Given that Digital Grid Systems was a class based on exploring outside the structure of typical designs, our first project was to create a poster that consists of an artist or a work of art by the artist, a quote, and a mini-biography about the artist. The challenge was to arrange everything in a very non-grid manner.
Travel Poster – Design History
We were assigned to find a country or travel agency of our choice and create a travel poster promoting a city or travel company. I used Germanic influences in design, especially Bauhaus and the retro-geometric forms.
Pearl Brewery Spiked Summer Single Band Promo (The Rich Hands) – Digital Grid Systems
Another project from Digital Grid Systems. This time we had to create a band poster, collaged together, and laid out with a distorted grid, while maintaining legibility.
Keep Calm & Carry On Parody – Student Showcase
When I was part of the Art Institute of San Antonio student showcase. There were themes that went along with the presentation. When my slot fell under the Calm category, I had to be sure that my pieces would match the theme. This poster design is based off the original British propaganda poster that promoted calmness in times of peril. I simply incorporated cool colors that are calming, and replaced the crown with a microphone to highlight the common fear of speaking in public. Which is common in many colleges/universities.
Band Promo (Chvrches) – Digital Pre Press
We were assigned to create a poster design, that would be included in a box set for the band/artist of our choice. After redesigning the band logo, and having it placed onto every CD jewel case. The poster design was a valid choice for altering the original logo and using simple design (little to no information)
 Because the 20" x 30" poster would be folded down to 5" x 5."