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    A box car designed under the influence of the italian designer Bruno Munari
This is a project made in the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, during my 3 year B.A. product design degree.
A box car for the eye
Hugvaki – a box car for the eye, is designed under the influence of the Italian designer Bruno Munari, which had the idea that toys should help in the development process of children. The car does that by making the children use their imagination and creativity while playing.
Car is of course nothing but a machine. A machine that takes you from one place to the other. Hugvaki goes it’s own way though, but he does not move. You simply turn the winch, turn on the imagination, and the machine takes you to a destination of your own choice.
Although, there is no one right way to play with Hugvaki. To turn the winch and just look at the movement of the car is not the only way to do it. The purpose is that children find their own use for this machine, but the starting point of the assignment was a sentence that Bruno Munari said: “Imagination comes from watching, creativity comes from thinking”.