First new project in my new studio, after several months in limbo. I started this in early November, 2015, and finished it on February, 29th, 2016.
The gist of it: I don't care much for poetry, in general. The few exceptions are the long "Kubla Khan" by Coleridge, "Morning, thinking of Empire" by Raymond Carver, and, uncharacteristically, most of Bukowski's poetry. I thought it could be interesting to convert these poems to barcodes. So each line is transmogrified using a type of barcode that can take a character chain of any length. For this first painting, I used the "Code39" type of barcode. Each of the 54 lines were converted into individual barcodes, and I adapted them all to fit in the length of my canvas (210 cm), with an equal height for each (23 mm).
I respected the original identations and alineas of the poem, as is obvious from the picture. Once the file was ready in Illustrator, I used a script that exported, for each line, a text file containing the origin of each black bar and its width. Using this, I proceeded to measure and draw all of those bars onto the canvas. Daunting. In fact, when I first devised the plan, I thought this was just way too difficult and crazy. I thought the thing to do with this plan was to give it up and do something more reasonable. So naturally, I went ahead gleefully.
Anyway. Once all the bars were drawn, I painted each in turn, using any color for any bar, and not trying to respect the original blacks or whites. There are 40534 rectangles in total in the canvas.
Below, you'll find some of the intermediary pictures.
The whole project can be followed day by day on a Facebook album
The project file in Illustrator.
Some of the sheets with the coordinates for all the bars to draw.
Drawing in progress.
Painting at an early stage.