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Within the “Revival of Local Craft” brief, we chose Vinu’s collection because of her interesting inspiration choices i.e. batik, Greek … Read More
Within the “Revival of Local Craft” brief, we chose Vinu’s collection because of her interesting inspiration choices i.e. batik, Greek violence, and fetishism, which had created an appealing aesthetic. The common area between them was 1) all three are a consequence of passion, and 2) made use of tools. Thus, “craft as a weapon” was derived as our concept phrase, for the use of tools can be destructive or beautiful depending on one’s perspective. Thus, all elements of the execution focused on the batik tool, either the tool itself or the aftermath of its use. THE LOGO
: Inspired by Greek history, we named Vinu’s collection Artemis, goddess of the hunt, fertility, and nature to represent strength, femininity, and authenticity respectively. The logo is thus inspired by the cone of the batik needle and Artemis’ arrow, enclosed in a circle, intended to portray both masculinity and femininity. Due to the layers of inspiration, we thought it would most appeal to a target audience of 25 – 40 year old women, who could be described as cultured, intellectual, passionate, fiercely authentic and strong. THE CAMPAIGN : (1) Silent auction and Viewing Artemis’ launch campaign revolves around a silent auction and viewing to be held at Park Street Mews, Sri Lanka, with invitees from Italy. The venue will be set up in such a way that the audience will first see the inspiration behind the collection, and then the six garments so that they might appreciate the layered meaning and innovation behind Artemis. The long-term objective is for Artemis to become a full-fledged line with this campaign as the first major stepping stone. (2) Press kit sent as direct mail: 
Prior to the event, a press-kit will be sent as a direct mail to the target audience which includes an invitation, and a book consisting of details about the designer, Artemis’ inspiration and production process. Only a brief preview is given as to the collection’s overall aesthetic in order to provoke the audience’ curiosity. (3) Website: 
Since these are the first six pieces of its kind, the audience have the opportunity to go on the website and participate in a silent auction whose timeframe will only last as long as the event. However, the website will not be terminated following the bidding but will serve as the foundation to how it evolves when Artemis becomes a full-fledged line. (4) Photography Style: The batik needle was a key piece in the photography, and was meant to epitomize our concept of “craft as a weapon,” with hints of fetishism, bondage, and femme fatales in the model’s poses and incorporation of the batik needle. LAUNCH DESTINATIONS: 

Sri Lanka was chosen as a launch destination because a) the designer is Sri Lankan, and b) Sri Lanksans are familiar with traditional batik so this fusion with modern tailoring could would create significant interest. Italy was chosen as the second launch destination because the Italian fashion scene is reportedly stagnant and are looking for new talent and innovation. Furthermore, the layer of Ancient Greek Inspiration would be relatable as it is part of their nation’s history. Read Less
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