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  • Hearing Device
    Next Generation
    Intiga is the world’s smallest, fully wireless hearing device,
    designed with a focus on maximum discreetness, comfort
    and aesthetics.
  •  Images courtesy of Oticon A/S 

  • Focus on End Users and Hearing Care Professionals
    The goal was to ease the transition of first-time users to a world of enhanced sound.
    We had an acute focus on all aspects of concern to end-users and hearing care
    professionals. Every detail of the device was tested, reworked and validated. From
    the ergonomics of the battery door nail grip, to the ease of changing the speaker wire,
    to the shape of the in-ear-speaker and how it could conform to the ear canal.

  • The lightweight shell design houses highly advanced technology perfectly crafted to fit inside and to make Oticon Intiga the smallest fully wireless hearing device in the world. Its shell surface is clean and unbroken; its organic shape follows the physical contour of the ear, achieving a close, comfortable fit – making it almost invisible behind the ear.


  • Process
    Having solved numerous projects for Oticon over the past years, this project
    represented our closest collaboration yet. Spurred by a strong track record, we
    set out to raise awareness of the various potentials of design within the
    organisation, resulting an a more integrated role for design in Oticon’s product
    development process.

    Through a period of 30 months from startup to product launch, I was included in
    the process every step of the way.

  • - - -

    Oticon A/S

    Lead industrial designer

    - Creating design briefs together with the client
    - Collaboration with Oticon’s design manager, project manager, 
      mechanical engineers and commercial product manager
    - Market & trends research
    - User testing
    - Concept development
    - Design development
    - Mockups, 3d modelling & visualisation
    - CMF specifications
    - Presentations
    Danish Design Award - Jury's selection & People's Choice
    Good Design Award
    iF Product Design Award