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    unconventional flashcards
Quirky Alphabet
your unconventional letter pressed flashcards
Looking back at the flashcards that we've used as a children, I never found anything to be visually stimulating or memorable. With that I wanted to create unconventional flashcards that educated people on the pronounciation of each letter of the alphabet, while providing a quirky fact that pertained to to the illustration on the card. When you associate a particular fact that pertains only to that one object it's easier for one to make connections to that object and then in turn remember the alphabet letter. These flashcards were originally intended for children but with the outcome of these cards, it is also suitable for adults who want to enjoy the tactility of letterpressing while learning unconventional facts they would of never of known. These cards can be used in a classroom environment or wine hosting parties. Share a few laughs with these quirky facts!