Broussard Basic/Broussard Group Showroom Competition
ConceptIndividual pieces spiraling to a center point that collectively create an object. Individual departments working together to create a business.
The University of Texas Interior Design Program was commission by Broussard Group and Broussard Basics to redo their showroom and office space. The objective of the project was to combine office and showroom together to create a working showroom within a small space. Broussard Group is a locally - owned - full - service KNOLL dealership in San Antonio, Texas providing office furniture, systems, products and services to the corporate and government  communities throughout San Antonio,the state of Texas, and the entire United States. Brousard Basics is also a locally owned DIRTT wall system distributer. 

TheBroussard Way

Broussard Groupand Broussard Basics are two successful companies bringing high design productsto San Antonio, and our contribution is an opportunity to exercise the visionof how these two companies can become the best. The two major changes I proposeis bringing work space to the front so employees benefit from natural sunlight,and placing the show room in the center of the building to create transparencybetween private and public spaces.
Even though BroussardGroup and Broussard Basics are distributers representing multiple differentcompanies, they have an identity of their own. There are multiple differentdepartments within the two companies that come together as Broussard Group andBroussard Basics. This reminds me of a fractal shape in the center of thesunflower. In the pollen portion of the sunflower there were hundreds ofindividual tiny pieces that collectively spiral to a center point thus creatingthe shape of the fractal. I put the showroom in the center or the space to makethe products the center of attention. Moving the showroom to the middle alsohelps create transparency between clients and Broussard Group building trust andinviting clients to walk through offices, giving them the opportunity to see theproducts in use.
The conference room on the northwest wall nearthe entrance is a statement piece since it will be the first thing you see asyou walk in. Broussard Basics is placed to the south west side so that they canbe next to the pre - existing DIRTT walls. The partitions of the conferenceroom and Broussard Basics will showcase a range of DIRTT panels to function asa DIRTT display. Those panels create a pathway, leading to the reception areaand showroom. Once you enter the showroom you are presented with the latest andmost popular products that Broussard Group has to offer. The showroom is alsoversatile so it can evolve as new products come to the market. Next to the showroomthere is a lounge that offers meeting areas for clients to discuss what visionthey have for their space. This meeting lounge allows for the initial meeting tobe relaxed and friendly to promote Broussard Group and Broussard Basics fun andfriendly environment. From the meetinglounge you can see the design team at work. Private offices are located around thedesign team. The Administration is between R&D and the VP. Administrationis not completely enclosed in order to have some privacy but still continue tocommunicate with other departments. There is an open collaboration space forsmall groups discuss projects or even to take a break. Large meetings can takeplane in the conference room at the front of the building..
Like the Fractalin a Sunflower Broussard Group and Broussard Basics have a great team ofemployees that come together to create such a successful business. With thisnew design I hope to help make Broussard Group and Broussard Basics successfuldistributors, and break down the barrier of public and private spaces. Bymaking the product the focal point of the space Broussard Group and BroussardBasics can be the example for other show rooms around the country by showingthem the “The Broussard Way”.