Blank Canvas.
Consumerism has reified the person.
Individuals feel forced to live in places that don’t define them, that they cannot appropriate. ‘The corrosion of character’ is taking place according to Sennet because of this change in the relation between the industrialized world and people, particularly in the way they work and live.

Besides, mass media has ‘universalized’ the patrons of behavior. Idols are references and everyone tries to become like them. (In 2015 it is expected that procedures of plastic surgery will quadruple the ones performed in 2005) This preeminence of what is aesthetical is on the rise in consumer societies.


We have become brands 

and forge our identities through them. This project is based on this idea. There is a pristine face, with no personality. It seems that we can change our own gaze, we can swop our mouth, we can buy our own face. We look for so many things, that we do not find anything.

Through this project, I analyze the capacity of appropriation and the fragility of our current condition. We live in the dictatorship of the instant.