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    This is a story of a dog and her 2 puppies. A family u'd surely fall in love with
This is a story of Sugar's litter , for which i had  waited with great anticipation to finally  see Sugar be the adorable mom of Laila and Majnu . Its the affection, possesiveness, togetherness and turmoil of motherhood  that you can feel and see in this series . 
Sugar with Laila , her 9 day old daughter 
Laila's eyes had still not opened .
Sugar's babies were very weak and she was very uncomfortable  to feed them for the first few days 
so they had to be bottle fed  .
 Flies had a ball , dancing around and  irritating these kids who could hardly react .
 Majnu being bottle fed by Bisni .
 Bisni wanted to quickly check and give me the good news ... ITS A GIRL!
 Sugar with a protective eye for baby majnu.
 Majnu curling up when the sun goes down .
Sugar got more protective of them after they started walking .
when little, they'd sleep in d sun with my grandmom baby sitting them while  Sugar hopped around every where.
Both of them would fight to put their head on top , but they'd always sleep together. 
This is the last time Sugar fed Laila and Majnu together .
Majnu left to be with a friend, since he was promised a puppy .
Sugar got even more protective of Laila since she did not want to loose her .  
Sugar and Laila spend more time together now .
Laila also missed Majnu quite a bit .
Sugar had stopped feeding Laila since she was old enough and had started biting.
But Laila would not spare her and learned that  if she did this  when i was around Sugar would not snap.
This is the last picture of Laila !

She was diagnosed with canine vestibular syndrome
and is no more now .