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    Axel 'Acu' Räsänen - 2017

01 Who am I?

Hey, I am Axel 'Acu’ Räsänen. I am self-taught graphic designer from Finland. I specialize in brand identity & advertising. 
I am highly experienced in social media, advertisement and eSports designs. I have worked with numerous brands such as Ironside Computers, Crucial, Imagine Customs and Gale Force Esports.


02 Branding 

Minimalism, blend and restraint are the main features of the brand identity. The logo represents the brand of my design services.​​​​​​​ I started designing roughly 6 years ago, back in 2012.

Here you can see the evolution of my logo over the years.


03 Color proportion
The color choice is to represent stability with calming and positive connotations.

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04 Thank you
Thanks for checking my project! Support is greatly appreciated.