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    Advertising for SOA Academy Day #7.
and now...
Starting idea for "Reshaping ArchViz", SOA Academy Day #7 we'll host this year in Venice, 7th and 8th October, 2016.
New sketch for the image, inside a cave, with people woriking on the 7 to make it perfect, reshaping it.
Testing zbrush to add details to the 7.
Good day today. Testing shaders on the seven with DDO.
Badass Seven :v
More buckets, MORE BUCKETS!
Looks like a rock shit but it's my lowpoly model that look high poly with a displacement map. Made in zbrush.
Populating the cavern. Looks a little messy, I'll clean it tomorrow. There's some lights ready for some fire / imps in ps. Need to render soon as possible.
FINAL. Pretty done. Show some love for the fire imps.