During one week, two classes in Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) worked with a famous photographer and graphic designer Amandine Alessandra.
We had to work by pair of student and create a typographic installation using a random word.

Love, hate, sex, anger, happiness, excitement, tenderness, sadness...
How can we put in words something that cannot be expressed so easily?

For some, Emotion is considered as a complicated feeling that cannot be expressed by words. It can be put to life by actions, by gesture.

Our project consists of screws put on a support, spelling the word emotion. They are not entirely f
We picked a wall with some graffiti as a location in the university, to make a contrast between our project and the graffiti.

A hammer placed aside, every person who wants to unwind from a stressful day, can knock (hammer) the screw. We chose to use the screw because it’s less easy to hit them with a hammer, because at the same time revealing emotions is hard.

When all of the screws are fitted into the support and as everybody has manifested their emotion by distressing, the word “emotion” vanishes, metaphorically showing that stressful feeling has dissolved from people.
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