This poject was executed in Holy Spirit University of Kaslik - USEK, for the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences. The objectives was to brighten up the student lobbies with inspirational surrealistic illustrations. The transformation of the halls of the three floors was based on sequential visuals. The first floor represents "The Little Observer", the second "The Little Thinker", and finally "The Little Grower".
First floor, that of The "inception", is represented by an all seing eye, that through light sees all the wonders surrounding it. The design shows a flying balloon that represents the eye of the little observer looking at a surreal world because each and everyone is invited to shape their own ideas according to their own perceptions, hence inceptions.
The second floor is that of reflection where each sits with their own thoughts and reflect upon them in liberty. These thoughts are found in a library because books are an infinite medium of knowledge. The open head links the world of the first floor to that of the second because our journey is a continuous one.
The third floor is that of completion where everything we learned takes a tangible shape; it is a seed that we plant in this word, the same one we've been drinking from and in fact We become a source to others.