Lounge Chair
Thai International Furniture Fair Competition 2011
Top100 of  3025 Designers
"Refuge" is a lounge chair, proposing a re-interpretation of style presented on thai furniture. It’s a very low chair with avery wide seat, where the user can define his seating position by moving the pillows. its dimensions are 1500x1282x1025mm. keeping its solid configuration, sense of heaviness and stability, it was inserted a different kind of language, moregeometric, less organic. 

The sense of suspended volume suggests lightness, like a refuge where heavy thoughts are awayand inner peace is settle. the pillow design can be chosen in different styles, whatever the user wants an more or less traditional style. the chair's design is able to fit different patterns and keep an clear, light and relaxing look. it’s a livingroom chair, but using different kinds of fabric, weather resistant, it can be used as garden furniture. 

The main cone is builtby two symmetric halfs, made of molded plywood. The cut plane stands on the vertical position, when the chair isfinished. the legs are as well made out of two parts in molded plywood. the seat is an unique part, made of a stampedsteel sheet. this part is clothed with fabric, which will cover all the outside of the seat, hiding the fittings between the maincone and the seat.