Dana Dealraker approached us to illustrate and design the cover for her line of children adventure storybooks, Razz & Reuben: Alien Detectives. While this is not the first time that we did book cover art, this is the first time we did it for a line of storybooks. 
After determining what kind of art direction her target audience will like, we started designing the main title characters, Razz and Reuben based on Dealraker's description of them within the book. They will go on to be the stars of all the book covers. 
Having read through the entire book (it's a good read!), we decided on having the opening scene when Reuben discovers the spaceship as the cover art. So here we go! 
Originally, other side characters would appear within the cover. However, it was decided that it will be better to stick to just having the titular characters grace the cover rather than having too much of a crowd. This line of creative decision will continue throughout the rest of the series. 
We also did the design for the book title and the layout for the book for both printing and ebook. The text below are placeholders till the final blurb can be inserted by Dealraker herself. As part of the design, we included the concept art that was done for Razz at the back of the book. It was later decided that (since there should be new aliens introduced) each subsequent book will have a new alien character at the back. 
For Book 2, we went with the scene near the opening of the story where Reuben and Razz are introduced to the map marked with suspected alien landings. 
Book 3, Aliens Among Us is a lot more straight forward. The cover illustration will feature Razz in a Wild, Wild, West-inspired adventures. 
Book 4: We Are Not Alone 's cover features the aliens discovering a futuristic lab full of robots!
Further content will be included as we finish up more book covers for the series! 
Illustration, Layout Design: Tan Hui Tian
Account Management: KC Ng