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    Logotype+basic identity and single artwork concept for EDM DJ Helena Legend.

Helena Legend
/ Identity+Artwork

Work for EDM DJ Helena Legend.

Logotype >

The client asked for something straightforward. Alright. Okay. A fusion was made of the two main references. Can you guess which one those were?

Symbol >

The symbol simply derived from the wordmark.

Typeface and colors >
Actually, the logotype is set in a much more standard serif

Artwork >

I had for a long time been meaning to create something purely graphic, on the verge to op(tical) art. Having the wordmark and symbol as a foundation, I used this opportunity to create a set of simplistic dynamic patterns to be used on the upcoming single releases "Koda", "Storm" and "Wake Up". You may say hey and that these are just patterns. They are, but they are subtle hints to the meaning of each track title.

Artwork / Visualization >

Merch >

In the wild >

Stationery >

Social media graphics >

Web banners >

The tunes >


Thank you!

PS. I'm open for projects. Let's talk!