Ice Breaker

The goal was to create a Brick Breaker game which retained its original gameplay and appeal, but wanted to put a twist on the theme, as well as stand out amongst the other Brick Breaker type games out there.

To do this, we established a theme set around the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire.

We also adapted a type of game flow, which provides the means for the player to be challenged on the usage of powerups (if they unlock one by beating each level, they are challenged. From then on, that powerup is capable of being collected in game while ones which aren't unlocked are not).

In the end, we created a good quality brick breaker, as well as a fully functional level editor which accompanied it.
 The beginning of the game. The arrow rotates back and forth so you can pick your own launching vector.
 Just collected a "Split Ball" powerup, which splits every existing ball into 3 balls.
 When the game is paused, input is unavailable and the game pauses.
 This is an image of the Level Editor. You're able to choose the type of brick, and set the number of hits per block, as well as how much each blocks score value is. This Level Editor uses .NET on the backend, and uses XML to Save/Load levels into the actual game.