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    Legend of the Golden Monkey is the latest on-line slot from Yggdrasil Gaming.
Legend of the Golden Monkey is the latest slot from Yggdrasil Gaming. I served as Art Director on the project and were responsible for the visual design of the game and also created some of the visual effects. I directed a 3D teaser trailer, that we designed with an external studio to announce the game to the industry, earlier in 2016.
I worked on a few character designs at the start of the project, and this was one of them. In this version the Monkey King looked too much like a warrior, and in the end we settled on the design we see in the game.
I worked with one of our in-house artists to create the look of the backgrounds, game screen and symbols. The basic concept for the game screen was to create a temple, where the Monkey King stashed all the treasures that he stole from all the other kingdoms. So our symbol designs included a golden shield, priceless vase, an ancient scroll etc.
There are so many beautiful details in this game, and a good example is the UI designs, created by our art team.
Thanks to all the artists, animators, musicians, game designers, producers and our incredible development team!
On to the next one...!