AXN 2015 - Global Rebrand
AXN Global Rebrand 2015

The new AXN Rebrand has been created in-house by the spanish marketing team of Sony Pictures Television. As the one  responsible for the graphics department, I had the great opportunity to head the creative team for its new worldwide rebrand for AXN and its sub-brands.

The objective of this rebrand was to modernize and homogenize our brand and sub-brands all over the world.

We have applied the same design philosophy of the new AXN logo to the rest of the rebrand design.  We used a grid based desing with the new logo element, the pyramid, as the main character to create a large collection of dynamic backgrounds to represent the action in their diferent moods. Adapting this design concept to the different screens and media where AXN is displayed. The result is a versatile and fully customizable graphic package, the backgrounds in combination with different colored shapes, can create a large variety of designs.

The new rebrand was launched in 2015 and have been spread all around the Sony world ( 62 countries, 143 millions households, 19 languages).
© 2015 Sony Pictures Television Networks · Editing: Marcos García Orgaz · Music: "Sail" by Awolnation (Unlimited Gravity Remix & LED Remix)

PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2016 (June 16, 2016 · New York City)
Total Package Art direction & Design: Channel Image · Using Multiple Media 

PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2016 (June 16, 2016 · New York City)
Art direction & Design: Channel / Station / Platform Website

PromaxBDA Europe 2016 (March 15, 2016 · Barcelona)
General Brand Design Package Channel, Network or Platform

PromaxBDA Europe 2016 (March 15, 2016 · Barcelona)
Logo Design: Using Multiple Media

Silver Medal
New York Festivals · World's Best TV & Films 2017 (April 25, 2017 · Las Vegas)
Television: Station/Image Promotion
AXN Sub-brands
Sony Pictures Television Networks (Los Angeles Team):
· Maurizio Vitale - SVP Worldwide Networks Marketing
· Mara Jacobberger - VP Worldwide Networks Marketing
· Adrian Andrade -Coodinator Worldwide Networks Marketing
· Tiina Pirsoo - Executive Director, Product Development
· Christopher Belanger - Producer
Sony Pictures Television Networks Iberia (Madrid Team):
· Ignacio Zamacola -VP Marketing & OAP
· Marcos García - Graphic Design Manager & Project Art Director
· David Gimenez - Creative Manager
· Javier Montes - Creative Manager
· Noelia Alonso - Production Manager
· Arantxa Montero - Production Coordinator
· Gustavo González - Audio Design & Mixer
On-Air Freelance Graphic Designers:
· Alberto Paules - Senior Graphic Designer
· Mariana Ramos - Senior Graphic Designer
· Alain Martínez - Assistant Graphic Designer
· Juan Linera - Assistant Graphic Designer
Off-Air Freelance Graphic Designers:
· Cristina Rodriguez Mouliaá
· Diego Galán
Rebrand Original Music:
· Juan Carlos Moreno - Composer
Channel ID's:
· Tavo Studio - AXN
· Tricéfalo Studio - AXN White
· Juan Linera - AXN Black
· South & Island - AXN Sci-fi
· Binalogue - AXN Spin
· 3D2 de frente - AXN Movies
AXN Manifesto:
· Troika
The AXN rebrand project was presented to the TV industry in the conference "Homemade with Love" at Promax BDA Europe 2016 celebrated in Barcelona.
AXN 2015 - Global Rebrand

AXN 2015 - Global Rebrand

AXN channel worldwide rebrand. © 2015 Sony Pictures Television Networks