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Daily UI Challenge [1-10]
DailyUI challenge
Day 1: Sign up 
sing in form, log in, user interface design, dailyui, registration screen, input, ux ui, simple, modal design, login, sign up, wed design, simple interface, overlay 
Day 2: Credit card checkout 
credit card, checkout, online shopping, e-commerce, ios design, ui design, ux ui, mobile interface design, ios app design, mobile ui, user experience design, framerjs, interactive prototype, javascript prototyping, interactive design, gif animation, framer, ui animation
Day 3: Landing page
landing page design, wed design, minimalist design, simple, dark design, paginator, typography, user interface, ux, ui design, minimal web page design
Day 4: Calculator
calculator, ui ux, user interface, ios design, simple design, concept, dailyui, math, clean and minimalist design, user experience, ios app design
Day 5: App icon
icon design, ui design, gif animation, icon app, ui animation, mobile app icon, application icon, after effects, simple icon, app button, ios icon, user interface animation, ui ux
Day 6: Profile
user profile, web design, web interface, social net, call to action button, web, ux ui, big shadow ui design, user experience, modern web, profile, user info
Day 7: Settings
ui animation, liquid interface, settings, liquid slider, ux ui, gif animation, after effects, mobile design, experiments, user uxperience, mobile ui, dailyui, user interface concept
Day 8: 404 page
web design, ui design, 404 page, web application, minimalist design, web interface, empty page, 404 design, ui ux, donut, simple and clean design
Day 9: Music Player
dailyui, user interface design, mobile design, mobile ui, music app design, ios application design, music snippet, modal window, mobile widget, music widget ui, ux ui, music player ui
Day 10: Social share
share button, ui design, user experience design, framerjs, social buttons, social net, interactive design, prototype, framer, ux ui, javascript prototyping, dailyui
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Daily UI Challenge [1-10]
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Oleg Frolov