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Stylist planner app
Styler is an appointment and client manager app created specifically for independent hair stylists, makeup and nail artists. 

Here's what Styler can do for you: 

Add clients from your phone Address Book, Gmail or Manually. 
Add pertinent client’s info, which is seen only by you. 
Send personal reminders to any of your clients. 
Call, Message or Email clients right from the app. 
Mark your favourite clients. 
Edit or Delete a client’s profile. 
Swipe to turn ON or OFF appointment reminders for every client. 

Schedule regular or recurring appointments. 
Edit or Cancel appointments. 
Sync appointments with your iPhone / iPad or Google calendar. 
See upcoming appointments in the timeline or the calendar. 
Add up to 5 photos to each appointment. 
Issue and send invoices with just one tap. 

Total clients, appointments and revenue. 
Upcoming appointments and birthdays. 
Revenue chart for period week, month, year. 
See your top paid and new clients. 

- NOTIFICATIONS (No cost to you. Will not show on your phone bill) 
Booking confirmation text msg (SMS). 
Booking cancellation text msg (SMS). 
1 hour before appointment text msg (SMS). 
1 day before appointment text msg (SMS). 
2 days before appointment text msg (SMS). 

Add / Edit / Remove a service, set price and duration, add description. 
Set your local currency. 
Accept payments right from the app with your Stripe account. 
Enable or disable notifications. 
Edit or user per-set messages for cancel, reminder and booking texts (SMS). 
Local phone number for texts (SMS) with forwarding to your own number. Invoice Settings set tax type and amount, add company logo and thank you message. 

Create / Edit / Delete campaigns. 
Schedule number of different campaigns. 
Send to selected clients or create groups you want for each campaign. 

Configure online booking settings right from the app. 
Set your business hours. 
Set cancellation policy. 
Set auto confirm settings. 
Point-of-sale credit card processing with your Stripe account.
After first version we received analytics and user’s feedback and improved interactions, made info representations easier and more compact, what helped user to achieve their goals faster. I changed the navigation - moved profile and settings (invoice/payment options and pay functional under the main layer, and user can open it easily from any place of the app with small icon in the right corner. Main navigation is in the bottom panel and here I moved main function button (like a FAB in android) what helps to create appointment and add new client as fast as possible from any place. Also calendar and timeline was separated and presented in few different views to any user can easily customize it for himself. The dashboard present how much money user earn and spend and what he have in result. There are payment data, invoice creation and also an option to pay with the app and credit card.

Every resolution, proposal and idea here is double checked, and each element have a really right place. I have tested it on real customers and take all mistakes and difficulty to improve them into convenient solution.
The old version looked like this:
Stylist planner app

Stylist planner app

Stylist planner app