This book is a combination of typographical quotes that inspire play in design. The quotes derived from a special study into Sandplay Therapy and its relation to Graphic Design in terms of Creative Play & Representation. In essence, it is a summary of what was learned in this study. An interesting aspect to design is how much play can enhance the design process. The quotes here were influenced by, but not taken from, two key TED talkers. The first being American Graphic Designer Paula Scher, who spoke in her talk, Great Design is Serious, Not Solemn, of how solemnity in design is precious in comparison to serious design, and that great design comes from aspects of play. The second is CEO of global design company IDEO, Tim Brown. Tim spoke in his talk, Tales of Creativity and Play, of how playfulness is important for designers to engage with due to its employment of exploration, experimentation and empathy. Both talks can be accessed at