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    Various UI libraries I have created and maintained over the years.
In my UI and UX consulting work, I find that many while many products have a consistent look and feel in theory, they don't in practice. By auditing all the UI elements used across a product or site and methodically eliminating unnecessary permutations, a truly consistant look and feel can be achieved. This not only makes for a more enjoyable user experience, but eliminates wasted development time spent maintaining and troubleshooting duplicate CSS.
This first UI library I developed for B&H. In addition to auditing the site for duplicate elements that serve the same function, I converted the old PSD library to Sketch vectors so we could keep it synced with the whole team via Craft. We exported a Zeplin page that acts as a perfect style reference for our developers and QA team. 
The UI kit below I designed in collaboration with the very talented Andrew Glasset at the Orchard in 2015. We were looking to simplify the color scheme and embrace a flat, materials-design look and feel while retaining the friendly, tactile elements key to the brand. 
Below is a UI kit I designed and implemented in 2012 for The Orchard's suite of client-facing products. I color coded the buttons with blue indicating that it will take you to a new page, green for confirming and saving, orange for creating new editables (like creating a new album or generating reports) and grey / off white for secondary actions.