Coca-Cola Fairy
Fada Futeboleira Movie
Coca-Cola Residency Movie
The Comentators Movie
These are films by Vetor Zero/Lobo.
I was responsible for the modeling of some characters and props.
In the first movie, "Fada Futeboleira", I modeled the "Fairy", the two characters behind the curtain and some props. I also did some tweeks on the roof of the mains house and some minor details on the scenario.
In the second movie, called "Coca-Cola Residency", I modeled the the old lady, the mustache grandpa and the fairy. I also modeled the hair from all the other characters. The Nurse was modeled by me and my friend Daniel Ho.
For the third and last movie, "The Comentators", I modeled some props like the shelf on the background, some books, tables and one of the hosts.
I also modeled blendshapes for the facial rigging of all characters.<span "color:="" #333333;="" font-family:="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 16px;="" line-height:="" normal;="" text-align:="" -webkit-auto;="" background-color:="" rgb(245,="" 245,="" 245all="" the="" characters all="" modeling="" was="" done="" in="" maya="" using="" polygons="" and=""  the="" uvs="" were="" headus="" uv="" layout.="" hair="" from="" all="" characters="" with="" shave="" haircut.