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    CDS worked with World Manga Academy and WACOM to produce a series of online tutorial for manga drawing.
In 2015, WACOM and World Manga Academy collaborated to produce a series of Basic Manga Drawing Lecture Series around their line of tablets. CDS was contacted to write and conduct the first series around the Intuos Manga.
The lesson, written and conducted by Tan Hui Tian, was divided into four parts and hosted on World Manga Academy. The lessons were released over the period of Feb-Mar 2015, once a week. Clip Studio Paint is the software of choice since that is the default software that came with the tablet.
The Lecture Series garnered positive reviews from the followers. 
Filming took a total of one week, inclusive of recording the drawing process and doing the voice over. Actual write up and text tutorials were also provided. 
To complement the tutorial, CDS also provided existing illustrations for the campaign landing page. 
Unfortunately, the lessons are no longer online due to the closing of World Manga Academy. However, the Youtube videos were uploaded to Youtube, so you can still view it there!
Tutorial, Voiceover: Tan Hui Tian
Account Management: KC Ng