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    graduation project
Identity of an art event
"B/STOK OFF COURSE" is fictitious art event, which was created for graduation project. Idea was to create a base of corporate identity, poster series and exemplary catalog containing documentation of the creative process.
brings together different kinds of art. Main idea is to present interesting, modern art forms and combine them with activity of local authors. The program includes 4 main fields of art: visual art, music, theater and motion pictures. Openings, concerts, projections or workshops are presented apart but it forms one, logic course of events which impacts on local community and its art awareness.
 Every field of art is distinguished by different color.
 Poster series
 muzyka (music)
 sztuka (visual art)
teatr (theater)
 kino (motion pictures)
 *catalog contains some works and photos which are a part of "RESEARCH" chapter and I am not the author of them
 Thanks for watching!