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Vinyl Cover
Get to know the slab serif typeface, structure and expression and be able to apply it.

Design a vinyl cover, sleeve and label. Choose an artist within the given music genre to focus on. The design must use one slab serif font + a serif or sans serif as support. The cover must have the name of the artist, album name, logo, and excerpts from one of the songs on the back. Work with the compostion, contrast and typography, to make a consistent design.

School assignment.
I was given the music genre Electronica, were I chose the artist James Blake. My design were inspired by disturbance, calm and melancholy; where I chose shades of blue and mint, and orange as a contrast. I wanted to create the illusion of depth with the gradient background, and varied the size of the slab serif letters to enhance it. As an extra element I added a glossy effect to one group of the layered letterings, so that the name wouldn't disappear all in a blur, and to make the design stand out.
Cover - front
Cover - Back
Sleeve & Label