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An interactive informative tool on Manufacturing Process of Kota Doria Handloom Sarees in New Media
What is Kota Doria
An interactive informative tool on Manufacturing Process of Kota Doria Handloom Sarees
Initial research and findings led me to a conclusion that the whole state of this handloom craft is in a bad shape. There are many problems such as the state of the weavers, the fiscal differences between the earnings of the weavers and the retailers, absence of awareness about the intricacies of the whole process of manufacture of these sarees.
From this project I intended to make people aware about the process and problems but with a different approach. I tried to take it to a different level and use electronic media as the medium. Initial concepts are to create an interactive and informative tool with an approach to make people understand the process of the manufacturing of Kota Doria handloom in a more hands-on manner. This tool can be run on multiple platforms and furthermore can be customized to promote other fabrics as well.
The main objective of this website is to enable a user to know the process, specialities and all know about the Kota Doria Fabric.At the helm of all these, lies the interactivity of the tool which is to be explored in a way where the user is taken through the process, which in turn explains the tediousness of the process.

The intended audience for such a purpose would be all those who are interested in textiles, and using web as a medium would make it easier for global audience also. Its also intended to help organizations like the Kota Heritage Society or the Kota Women’s Weaver Association to promote the fabric.
Keeping the user at the elm of it is a must. As a designer, I intend to deliver what is supposed to be required by the user.