Licensed, personalized, print-on-demand templates.
Licensed Photo Templates
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 When I worked at Qualex, a division of  Eastman Kodak company, I created licensed and personalized, print-on-demand templates. Customers would upload a photo and insert them in one of these templates. They could have them printed on an assortment of products such as calendars, mugs, mouse pads, apparel, etc.

The fun part of using licensed art was working with assets that were created by great artists. Todd Radom created a few of the MLB logos and the logo for the NBA 2009 Allstar game in Phoenix. Some of the assets for the Warner Brothers movie "The Dark Knight" were illustrated by Mike Thompson. I'm not sure who created the illustrations for the Mattel Hot Wheels, but such great artwork made the assignment really fun and definitely raised the bar! If you know who, please leave a comment below.

The last four weren't licensed, but originals that I created from my own photo references.