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    Bike concept for the Fast Company / Porsche Next Design Challenge
Porsche bike
Industrial Design Concept for Porsche / Co.Design contest
Semi-finalist in the Fast Company / Porsche "Next Design Challenge", a design contest to create a product design that uses at least three design elements or attributes from the Porsche 911 of any era.
Porsches are typical sports cars in that they are fast, beautiful & exciting. They are completely unique in that they are “real," fully usable daily drivers. Porsches are tough as nails- they dominate the 24 Hours of Le Mans for a reason. They are timeless: the core ideas defining the 1965 Porsche 911 are all present in today’s 991 edition. A product designed to reflect that heritage should share these attributes, which is why I chose to design an urban / commuter bike for this competition.
My bike design shares the core 911 attributes: light, fast, simple, durable, timeless. The Porsche iconic design details are all integrated, functional components of the design- not styling add-ons. The frame profile reflects the classic 911 glass silhouette, yet still forms a traditional double-diamond bike frame for strength, stiffness & low stand-over height. The belt drive & 8-speed hub deliver the performance expected of a Porsche-branded bike, without the maintenance issues of chains & derailleurs.