A few pieces from 2012
Focused on graphic and comic style art, my portfolio highlights a few future comic projects and the characters there in. Emotion is my first approach to creating these characters, so that they can connect to their audience that much better.
 This is a character design for Matilda "Nova" Friddell, a Swedish super spy during the post-Apocalyptic Cold War. In the story, the Cold War goes south after the Cuban Missile Crisis, and results in both the US and the USSR bombing the planet into dust and rubble. And yet, both countries survived, slowly rebuilding their weapons to destroy the other government. Because of this, the nearly destroyed Swedish government sends their top agent to stop the two feuding countries. In the Post-Apocalypic, Cold War, Spy Noir tale, Matilda must battle the government forces, surviving humans, and possibly irradiated beings to stop the complete destruction of the world.
 "After the War"
 This is a character study for an alien race known as the Duelii in my graphic novel "Icarus Dawn". This character, who is taking a break in between the war on her home planet, is a very tall and lanky being, standing approximately 7 feet tall. In this war, the Duelii fought for their independence from a rogue government that had communist root.
 "Azure and the Bloodspawn"
 This is a character design for Azure, the lead protagonist from my graphic novel "Spectrum". In the graphic novel, a young woman is pulled into a fantastic world that is found in the visible spectrum of light. Thus, the characters found there are based on vivid colors. Azure, is a blue blood warrior, who is tasked with protecting the young woman from the red bloods, who can manifest creatures like this bloodspawn.
"In the Eye of the Beholder"
 This work was part of a two person group concept, one of us taking the optimistic aspect, one taking the pessimistic. We decided to take a look at the view of artists in society today. As the optimist, I believe we artists are still seen as the last bastions of creative hope, stunning the world with what we can create, no matter what it is.
"Nobody Lives Forever"
  This is a splash cover image for the story Icarus Dawn. This section is from the campaign "Nobody Lives Forever", which is a dark chapter in the Icarus Dawn storyline. In this specific image, Connor has just finished relentlessly beating an intruder to death by hand. Unlike his previous acts of rage, this was not driven by the loaphage virus inside him, but rather by his own anger. This is a defining moment for Connor and his mental transformation over the years of the story.
 "The Last Effort"
 This is the final climactic effort in the end of the first campaign of Icarus Dawn. In this scene, Connor and Avery have narrowly escaped a rapidly falling starship. This moment follows an "all hope is lost" scenario, which results in the feeling of relief to see them now surviving.

 This is a scene from another comic story of mine, which follows a group of adventurers as they aid a mysterious woman named "Irieonna" in her destiny to restore the use of magic to humans. This is the scene in which Irieonna makes it to the Hall of Truths, where she will encounter a mystical force that will reveal how she can restore man's magical ability.

 This is an editorial piece that I did about a year ago regarding an article in Rolling Stone magazine. The article followed the life of a bounty hunter in the Middle East who hides amongst and hunts terrorists under the guidance of the US government. However, because this man, only known as Oman, would act outside the rules of the US government, he was never to be directly tied to the United States. Omar is a freedom fighter who will do anything necessary to save American internets, and no body truly known who he is.

 This is an editorial piece about the television show "Breaking Bad". The portrait is that of the character Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) with a quote from the show. "So let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skylar, I AM the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS."
 "Stalingrad Seven"
 This is a band poster for the fictional seven piece electronic group "Stalingrad Seven". This project simply involved making a poster for a band or group, so I felt like coming up with this fake band so that I could create the imagery as I saw fit.

  These 6 pages highlight an excerpt from my graphic novel Icarus Dawn. This chapter, about half way through the story, takes place on the planet Gemini 4, home of the Duelii. The scene comes just after a long dialogue between Connor and his brother Cyrus as Cyrus explains the purpose of the Titan bloodline in the world. Connor has arrived to stop Cyrus from stealing a top secret satellite project that has roots in the Titan heritage that Cyrus holds to a high regard.
2012 Portfolio
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2012 Portfolio

My Senior Graduating Portfolio, with a collection of both comic and editorial work.