Mobilysis - dialysis made portable
© 2011 Maria Gartner, Dimitar Genov, Stefan Silberfeld, Nico Strobel
University of Applied Arts Vienna - Studio ID2, Hartmut Esslinger
Honoured with the Distinction Award of the National Design Prize of Austria 2011 – Design Concepts.
This innovative mobile dialysis system is intended for patients who simply do not have the time to spend several hours three times a week in sessions at the dialysis centre. With this system the patient is free to decide when and where the life-saving blood cleansing is to be carried out. The device consists of a flexible belt, which is divided into membrane compartments and filled with dialysis fluid and a hard shell front, in which the technology, a catheter connection and an infrared cleansing unit are integrated. It is controlled by a smartphone application with comprehensive and intuitive possibilities. The necessary functions are also located as hard buttons on the device itself. After each peritoneal dialysis cycle the dialysis fluid is cleansed in the technical section in readiness for the next cycle.
Mobilysis - dialysis made portable