Thyscope Mobile App

Thyscope is a mobile app that was created to help improve the quality of life of thyroid cancer patients. Inspired by the recent diagnosis of a close friend, this app allows patients to access reliable information both pre and post-operation; communicate with other patients; schedule, confirm, and cancel appointments; and message their doctor directly. 
Thyscope would ideally be administered by one specific hospital so that it doesn't get cluttered with insufficient information. Once diagnosed, a doctor would provide the patient with information to access this app. To comply with HIPAA laws, patients have the option to remain anonymous when creating an account. After an account is created, patients have access to reliable information they can download to their phone in case they decide to terminate this account in the future.
The Logue acts as a newsfeed that can be filtered by today's posts, most popular, one's own, and the ability to search for key words in case they have difficulty finding questions or answers similar to what they are experiencing. All posts made on The Logue are public, as private messaging between patients is not a feature on this app to help protect the patients. 

Although the app doesn't allow for messaging between patients, it does allow for patients and their doctors to be in contact privately. By having the ability to message one's doctor through the app, it makes things much more accessible for patients. It allows the doctor to respond back appropriately as well. 
The Schedule helps keep track of when to take medications and the dosage amount because it can get confusing and vary as one recovers from the operation. For example, Levothyroxine is a hormone replacement pill that will be taken daily for life if one has a total thyroidectomy. When taking this medication, it has to be taken 30 minutes before eating and cannot be taken within four hours of any other medication (i.e. calcium supplements or any medication prescribed for pain post-operation). In addition, the schedule allows patients to to create, confirm, and cancel appointments all with the click of a button.