Campaign to create awareness
This Campaign is to create awareness among lecturers and teachers about students who have Dyslexia.

While investigating about the problems that dyslexic people face, I found that some teachers and lecturers are responsible for those people (dyslexics) to face some problems. I found that it was very important to create awareness for the teachers. All these problems are going around because they (teachers) don’t have a good knowledge in handling dyslexic students.

The information used in this project is collected by going through some independent reviews by people who have dyslexia, doctors, some students (online) and also personally interviewing some teachers who know about these problems. When we think about the methods, which I’m going to use in this whole campaign will be having a seminar for teachers and lecturers.

The campaign tagline will be “They can do!” So to promote this seminar I’ll be doing a series of posters. The posters will be sent to all the colleges and universities in Singapore with an invitation. Trainers from DAS (Dyslexia Association of Singapore) will be doing all the speeches and activities at the seminar day. Also when the seminar gets over there will be a special launch. They (DAS) will launch a “first day cover” that consists of two stamps. One postcard will be given for each purchase of first day covers as a gift. All the money that comes from stamps will be going to fund of Dyslexia Association of Singapore, which is for the benefit of all the people who has dyslexia in Singapore.

My concept carries photographs of few designs that shows what dyslexic people would do when they have materials, which has educational writings or games with to do with the use of letters.
Design 01 – I’ll be using a mathematics examination paper, which is turned into Origami designs.
Design 02 – I’ll be using the game named “Scrabbles” to create few artistic designs.

Both the designs show what they are capable of doing since they are incapable of reading and writing properly like others.

Bird - Freedom
Heart - Love
Butterfly - Innocence
Angel - Hope