Coral Taurus
3d art and installation proposal.

This is the exploration to generate an "art" piece to compete for space at a gallery. Decided to make a very deep blue abstract art kind of thing. Got into cinema4d and used a taurus primitive. Deformed with FFD deformer, a bit of manual modeling manipulation and then applied a layered texture with alpha properties, glossy texture, somehow transparent and with a small displacement. GI, ambient occlusion, and great and fat antialiasing. Then got super close, took some stills then processed in photoshop and lightroom. Then back again into to cinema generating a render of the result. 
Original model of taurus, parent of proyect.
Parent ring cloned a couple of times logaritmically growing. Then rotated, and positioned at different depths in 3d space.
Extreme closeup almost ready for still.
Stiil master from c4d at extreme closeup on taurus cloned model.
Photoshop simple process.
Final render with installation proposal.