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The Filter: Coffee festival

Visual identity of The Filter: Coffee festival
About festival
The Filter is an independent coffee festival based in the Czech Republic. The first year took place in Brno on 14th of May 2016. We always try to select the best from world of specialty coffee, so for first year we decided
to present local coffee shops and roasteries (also with guests from abroad) to show people, who didn't have chance to get into specialty coffee, what it's and where they can get it. Reason why we invited few coffee professionals to have their presentations or workshops was that we wanted to have something for coffee people. Because our goal was to connect world of coffee profesionals / geeks with common people.
More than 400 people were there!
Before the festival
In the begining as whole new festival, we need to gain attention and mainly get fans, our future visitors. We did it through social networks and our pop-up events, but also through classic posters and flyers. Whole visual identity of The Filter is pretty simple, without any unnecessary noise and focused on sharing important informations. So I keep it that way. Posters & flyers are based on two different photos (symbols of the festival: space & coffee, taken by me) plus basic things you need to know about the event.
The first version of poster, what we spread around the city before festival to gain more visitors.
The second version of poster, what we spread around the city before festival to gain more visitors.
Front side is based on the poster, but just simplified. 
Back side is much more informative. Few words about festival, speakers, workshops, sponsors...
On the festival

For day of the festival we needed only two things. The first were tickets, which I wanted to create much more attractive, because goal was to spread them all around social networks by people taking photos of them. So I experiment with their sizes / form and here it led. Second is the poster of programme. Nothing really special, it keeps elements of our visual identity and it's super easy to read. That's all what is expected from it.
Tickets of the festival. Try to search hashtag #coffescouts or #thefilterfestival on Instagram. You will see that it worked.
Programme. First you noticed afterparty. Didn't you?
Yep, we had that cool typo baloons!
This it is. Now we're working on the next festival and many smaller events and hopefully, they will be annouced very very soon. I will be so glad to see you at any of them.
The Filter: Coffee festival


The Filter: Coffee festival

Whole visual identity for The Filter: Coffee festival. New independent festival based mainly in the Czech Republic.