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    This is a result of my explorations on design techniques.
These pieces are the result of a technical exploration. A search for a consistent technique and a more relevant design creation process. To me, of course. I have no eager desire of changing designers, except myself.
This is the second piece, but the first in terms of result. I like it´s simplicity.
This one lives in my heart, since I gave it to a very good friend. But it is still too much disturbing, not as well settled as I wanted it to be.
The third composition of this serie
An attemp to achieve something more "commercial", using the same techniques
Exploring depth with distorted perspectives
Forgot to mention. All these posters were made using the same grid andtechniques. I´m just exploring different compositions using the samemethod. This is the last one I did.Check LOT, the free typo used on this project here.
Continuing the experimentations. This time I used the VAL free font in the composition. It can be seen here. By the way, Google told me there´s no summer in February on England, so, thanks God this festival won´t really happen. Also, apparently the when, is up to you to choose, so I´ll keep up to Feb. (lol).
Quite small variation. Huge difference on the results. Another way to say the same things. The grid became into an interesting graphic element on this piece.
A New Set (Starting the 2nd)
Three more posters, the first sequence for the second poster set. I was thinking on a 30 posters set, but I guess that I´ll keep with 27, on three sets of nine. Hope you like it.
Finally, a modest, yet an update!