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    This is a logo design in process for a small advocacy office.
It was a work in progress... Now it´s done!

And thanks God, the clients are really happy with the results, so am I. Thanks for the comments. I want to put in here more images, detailing the construction of this logo. As soon as I have some free time I´ll upgrade all the projects.

Again, thank you very much. It´s great to have such valuable opinions and comments like yours.


This is a logo design in process for Bogo & Soligo, both lawyersand partners at their own small office.The clients wanted somethingsimple, but elegant and different, with a touch of modernity and goodtaste. Doing the best as I could, with the less was a request from thelawyers. So I offered a simple logo, a monogram as the symbol, workingtheir initials. I was looking for rythm and plasticity, a simple butinteresting shape. After generating a considerable amount ofalternatives on paper, I go to this one solution. Check out theconstruction process video, if you like it.

[ Horizontal composition ]
[ Vertical composition ]
[ Business card ]