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    Cap and Trade
Storyboard, government affairs. 

This was a storyboard I drew for my boss. At the time Washington's governor was courting the oyster grows of Washington state to co-sign carbon trading. An initiative he was pushing.  

The people giving the presentation told the oyster growers that cap and trade would work like commercial fishing. Coincidentally I grew up on factory trawler myself, so I drew the reality out for him. My boss.    

Collectively the oyster growers said no for fear of hurting their comrades in other industries. Another reason they said no is that the oyster growers wouldn't be required to participate. They were the poster child.

As of 2016 Washington's governor is still pushing carbon trading through a carbon tax. Washington's industry said no, but if you get at least 100,000 signatures, I'm guessing Seattle?, you can take it to the ballot. 

Process: The carbon cap and trade storyboard came up when I overheard my boss on a conference call. Not understanding the concept I volunteered to draw a storyboard over the weekend for him and go over it when he had free time. I had been following the concept of carbon cap and trade and carbon trading since I was 15. I also had an understanding of cap and trade from my background in commercial fishing growing up on a factory trawler where rationalization – a cap and trade market mechanism is used to regulate the industry. 

From there I went to Olympia to represent him at a final decision with his industry colleagues.