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    Various pieces of client based professional work
Car Wash Type Treatment
This is a type treatment I created to advertise a new state-of-the-art Car Wash getting installed at a garage on the Isle of Wight. The brief was fairly vague but the client wanted something that looked sleek and shiny. After experimenting with gradients this was my result:
Full treatment. I created my own font for the main body and modified Helvetica for the "Non- Contact"
Original Test piece. It was from here that I created the entire image.
Free Test Company Website
Due to go live: Jan 10th 2010
The following is a mockup and subsequent changes to a website created for "The Free Test Company" a new startup company for construction industry workers. The below mockup has been changed slightly, the logo has been moved below the flash content, the flash content has been made bigger and the icons were moved to the bottom of the flash element to be more economical on screen space.

The client wanted something that was minimal, clean and fresh. In the mock piece I used other people's icons. In the development I created my own, and for the final I will be using my project partner's pieces.
Original Mock Up design
My set of icons produced for the site
A mockup of the current flash element layout
Eduprint site redesign
status: Due for completion early 2010
Site redesign for http://www.eduprint.com. We wanted something more creative for our website that showcased what we do as a company alongside what students produce with it. The work below was put together by myself and a coworker and I am at time of writing halfway through the coding process.

As with most mocks, the design has been changed slightly. The picture is no longer rotated or under the bottom half of the page.
Screen shot of coded version so far. Image are subject to change. CSS stylesheet and HTML with a little bit of Javascript which changes the main image randomly on page reload
I Might Disco: Flyer

A much older piece of work done for a Brighton Based band "I might disco" still quite fond of it though so thought I'd put it up.
Hollistic Therapy Guide illustration
This was my first piece of "professional" work. I did it many many moons ago but again, figured it deserved inclusion just for the memory.
Produced for a hollistic therapy guide for the south of England this piece originally had typography overlayed on top. However the client decided not to go with it and put something over the top in MS word (it hurt).