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    Toy monsters inspired by The elaborate end of Robert Ebb (short film) main character.
Monster toys
from short film "The elaborate end of Robert Ebb"
Here is a serie of resine monsters that were specially made as a gift to people helping in the making of my short film "The elaborate end of Robert Ebb". In this film the main character is stuck in a monster costume that freaks out the whole community he lives in. These sculptures represent the monster and if you pay attention, you might see the face of the guy hidden in the mouth! They were hand made and hand painted carefully by me. They are limited to 50 pieces.
 This is the deign I made before the costume was manufactured In Brisol's Codsteak studios.
Here, you can see the costume in action, during one of the scenes where the monster tries to wake up a woman that fainted. The master for the toys was made from a 3d print of a simplified 3d version of the costume.