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The story:
Cut from the rest of the world, desperably looking for any sign of life, a human presence, and still not wanting to see the result of the destruction. The only one who got a second chance, a challenge to a new beginning. But the challenge never waits. The life never looks back. 7 days is more than enough to decide whether one will accept, or refuse their own fate.
The story:
Smoke resembling paths of possible escape. Crooked, unclear, with no destination. His goals dissolve the moment he reaches the target, understanding that one can't hide from their own conscience. He's scared. Not of his guilt, but of the judgement ahead, for actions are done teamwise, but punishment for those actions is individual.
The story:
His eyes are revealing to him that consequences are worse than the cause. That the feeling of guilt is more tragic than the guilt itself.
Backstage photo ;-)
Special thanks to my ex-classmate Matus for playing a soldier and my workmate Roman for providing the military equipment.

Short stories by LT