This is the progression I went through to create the logo for CrowdKat, an app that let's you see the crowd at your local bar or club before you head out.
This work was created as part of Three Piece Suit Productions
Let's start at the beginning. I was given a reference image of a cat with sunglasses, which the clients wanted to emulate for their logo. So I made a graphic version of the cat, gave it sunglasses, and make two addition versions with stuff in the lenses
The clients really liked the version with the crowd inside of the lenses (see the crowd...get it?).
They weren't too crazy about the sunglasses though. Thus began the exhausting process
of pouring through several versions of sunglasses until we found the right one.
I designed over seven different sunglass version of the logo, but my favorites have to be
the logos styled after Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Randy "Macho Man" Savage
We finally settled on Gazelle glasses. Then after a color change and
a couple modifications to the logo, we arrived at a final design.
The next task was designing the app background and choosing the right font.
This was a long process with several different variations. I tried every design I could link of.
After months of hard work, we finally settled on the logo, background, and text.
It took a while, but in the end it was worth it!
Bonus: Some dope transparent version of the CrowdKat logo
If you like what you see, go ahead and check out the animated informerical I helped create as part of Three Piece Suit Productions.
Here is the link:
Thanks for viewing!