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    D&AD Make Your Mark Brief
The Things I Do For LOVE.
D&AD: Make Your Mark Brief
The brief required me to chose an agency, creative director, publisher or artist that I have dreamt to work for in the future, and then produce a piece that makes me stand out from the thousands of fresh-faced new design graduates this summer. This piece of design should cause a reaction in the company, with the hope of future placements and even employment.

Before I read this brief, I wasn’t too sure who my dream design agency was - because of this, I spent a considerable amount of time simply looking at myself and my portfolio and asking which company in the UK has the same motivation, personality and drive that i have for design. The company that i felt had all the boxes ticked, was LOVE creative in Manchester. I felt the work in my portfolio was well suited to their ‘Brand Activation’ work ethic - as well as the fusion between good ideas, challenging conventions and fun. I fell in love!

With the company picked, I extensively researched LOVE. What made them tick, their history as a company, the infrastructure of staff, and of course, their award winning design solutions. LOVE’s ‘Brand Activation’ work ethic stood out to me, the idea of causing a conversation between consumers to create more than just a new logo for a brand. With this in mind, how do i cause a conversation within the LOVE studio just like the conversations they create for their clients brands?

The solution, is a book that contains a collection of photographs showing what I would be willing to do for LOVE. Everyone has heard stories of extreme things students have done to get noticed by thier dream employers - this book plays on this. The photos range from knife throwing to fire juggling, all done by myself. The best way to engage anyone, is to make them laugh, every photo aims to raise a smile onto the LOVE studio’s faces. The Introduction of the book reads:

“While studying for a graphic design degree, it is hard not to look up to award winning agencies. These legendary companies are well known to attract hundreds of fresh-faced new graduates each year. As a result of incresed competition, these aspiring designers are going to greater lengths to stand out from the crowd and woo their dream employers...So, what would I be willing to do for LOVE?”

The first thing the LOVE studio in Manchester will see, is a professionally wrapped present, hand delivered from Falmouth. The delivery looks like a gift from a lover or secret admirer, the shiny paper and fabric ribbon will make it irresistable to open - automatically causing a reaction in the LOVE studio.

When unwrapped, a small book entitled “The things i do for LOVE” lies in tissue paper.
The LOVE logo is encorporated into the cover as a die cut - showing the passionate red end-paper beneath. At first glance, it would seem that the cover is just simply the LOVE logo, however as soon as the viewer holds the book, light shines off the clear gloss script transfer, engaging the viewer further.
Photo albums and scrap books are traditional gifts to give a loved one, so I decided to encorporate this by printing the photos seperately and have them slot into the pages just like a old fashioned, romantic photo album to make the whole package feel like a gift. The book gives a sense that it has been specifically made by the designers hand, giving a homemade feel.
My favourite photo of the project is having the 'LOVE' logo spoof tattoo'd on my neck -- I decided to use the photo and turn it into an A2 poster for my end of year show. The typography on the front of the book itself in incorporated into the poster.