Miscellaneous illustrations and characters i have draw for diffenret customers and some personal one.
Klaus' Rocket
Oskar & Klaus Inc.
Promo poster for cat's stuff from "OSKAR & KLAUS, Inc." 
Klaus With Mouse
Oskar & Klaus Inc.
Painting of imitation "Boy with Apple" from film The Grand Budapest Hotel where Klaus with mouse:)) Painted specially for Oskar & Klaus Inc.
Around the World (Worldwide map for kids)
A worldwide map for kids - "Around the World". Dimensions: 1000x700 mm.
Print selling here: http://www.deviantart.com/print/25831866/?
Available for sale to publishing houses.
Promotional poster for Jordan Thompson
A promo poster for show of actor, master mentalist and magician Jordan Thompson.
I'm lovin' it!
I'm lovin' it!:)  What you eat, eats you!:)
Young Aeronaut
Young Aeronaut. This idea comes to me when i was drawing speedpaint with airship theme on Render.ru. After some time i've decided to make full illustration from that speedpaint sketch [:)]  
Full resolution here:http://creaturedesign.deviantart.com/art/Young-Aeronaut-485525636
Tongue Yoga!
Tongue Yoga:) Personal work.
Full resolution here: http://fav.me/d8a92ao
Just finished idea from speedpaint concept
Shaolin Monk!)
A big concentration exercise to get super power!
Roller Derby​ Girl
This time a young roller derby girl with one-dog power helping her for fast skating [:)] )
This time a super Viking with his Dragon:))))
My next submission to CDC. Redesign any character from Zelda!) I've choose Fi:)
Octopusrai! Banzai!))
Character design fro Brainstorm group contest challenge #35.
Thanks For Watching!