These are some images I created demonstrating various functions of DigitalSky: Dark Matter, the newest iteration of Sky-Skan's planetarium operation software. To explain everything would be nearly impossible (even if I could, you wouldn't want to read it), but the most important thing to note is that the top area (called the "bridge") acts as a user-defined group of simplified controls (called "widgets") that give an overview of the system.

Since the software wasn't entirely functional yet, these aren't screenshots; they're images that I created using various mockups of UI elements I had designed. I left the company before the software was finished, but I imagine it ended up looking something like this.
Another UI mockup I made was featured in a centerfold ad on page 36 and 37 of Planetarian Magazine's March 2015 issue.
Here are some mockups of individual interface elements that I made for internal development. Most of the images are self-explanatory because I sent them out via email, but some of them were intended for people to view over my shoulder at my desk.