Why all wafer cookies were packaged in the exact same way for grocery store shelves- how could we design something more unique, beautiful, useful and reflective of the cookies strong Italian heritage?

When beginning the process, we decided that the target consumer would be a man or woman in their 30's or 40's who has emotional ties to Europe and a keen eye for subtle colouring and nostalgic imagery. They are looking for a snack to put on their coffee table for themselves and guests to enjoy. It must be able to close easily and stand on its own. The current packaging for wafer cookies are made of slippery plastic and are awkward or impossible to reseal... necessitating transferring the product into another container or being consumed at one time.  

The result: a freestanding box made of a sturdy paper substrate that celebrates its status as an import product with a long history. A creased, hinged lid allows for easy access and closure. 
Original packaging, the new packaging, process book
Finished Prototypes