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Sunlit Postcards

Development of an idea used in Sabon typeface specimen. The idea is to cut out all or part of the design content then hide it behind a paper layer which can then only be seen when there is a light source strong enough to shine through the cutout, hence the name Sunlit.

Currently there are two sets: Vietnamese Diacritics and Inappropriate Confessions. Each set comprises of six postcards.
The Vietnamese Diacritics set features some of the most common Vietnamese idioms. In some cards, only the diacritics are visible, the characters are hidden, and vice versa.
"Tiên học lễ, Hậu học văn." literally translates to "First you learn politeness, then you learn literature.", meaning being polite is more important than being smart.
(Disclaimer: my interpretation might not be 100% accurate.)
"Lương y như từ mẫu" literally translates to "Good doctors are like kind mothers."
"Lá lành đùm lá rách." literally translates to "Good leaves cover torn leaves.", meaning you have to be kind and help those who experience hardships in life.
(Disclaimer: again, my interpretation might not be 100% accurate. Maybe about 92%.)
"Uống nước nhớ nguồn." literally translates to "Drink water, remember the source.", meaning you must never forget the people who have raised you, protected you, given you good things, etc. be they your ancestors, your parents, your teachers, etc. This proverb is often used in the parent-child context.
The Inappropriate Confessions set may seem inextraordinarily cute and romantic on the surface, but the hidden content ranges from flirty to sexual to perverted.
I'm still planning on expanding these postcard series. Stay tuned if you are interested :)
Thanks for viewing this project, have a nice day!
Sunlit Postcards

Sunlit Postcards

Postcards which can only be revealed under the sun.